From Beginner to Blogger


Do you wonder if your business would benefit from having a blog? Or do you have a blog but you’re not sure what to do with it? If the answer is yes, then this is the training course for you!

Training takes place online, via a members-only Facebook group. Each day you will get an email with a worksheet, reinforced by a Facebook Live (available to watch later too) with extra teaching. Over the course of five days, I’ll take your from beginner to blogger by covering the following material:

Day One:
Getting to know you.
The what’s why’s and how’s of blogging.
Research – looking at blogs we love, hate, that are run by friends or competitors.

Day Two:
Look who’s talking – thinking about what brand personality you want to project.
Who are you talking to? Looking at customer avatars and how you can make sure your message gets through.

Day Three:
What do your customers want to know? (Group exercise)
What do other people in your industry share?
How do these mesh with your business objectives?
Creating a content plan.

Day Four:
On writing a blog post.
Going from idea to finished post, with full support.
Sharing tips, tricks, and tools.
Optional co-working session via Zoom.

Day Five:
Feedback and promotion.
Reflection and opportunity for Q&A.

Throughout the course you’ll be able to access me, either privately or by posting on a forum to share work and ideas with your peers.

A commitment to giving some of your time each of the five days.
A willingness to pay £30 for the ticket.
That’s it!