Under The Road, A River


There are many rivers that flow unseen under London, where once they flowed above ground they now are bricked over and buried beneath the asphalt. These watercourses shaped London, both its landscape and its history. I have been walking the routes these rivers took, searching for traces of their presence in the contemporary city. I seek out building works for access, and extract the London clay from under the pavement in the vicinity of these forgotten streams.

1. Culverted, white glazed stoneware gully with mud glaze on wooden structure, RCA show installation 2. Wall painting: map of the rivers of London 3. culverted installed at the British Ceramics Biennial 4. close-up drain 5. BCB installation 6. close-up of glaze 7. research materils, BGS ground survey 8. River Basin, white glazed stoneware gully with mud glaze

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