Konstfack-Anglo-Swedish Scholarship- Spring Term, Stockholm, February-April 2015


Finding traces: imagining the landscape of the past covered in a great weight of ice

Stockholm has been expanding: its population has grown as well as the area it occupies. It has also been rising up since the end of the last ice-age; the great weight of ice has been lifted and the land is springing back to a state of equilibrium. I walked the city, examining the layers of urban expansion, collecting materials and researching their origins.

Ceramic works investigating the idea of expansion, installation of work at ‘Elsewhere’ exhibition, Konstfack

Stockholm soil watercolours: 1.Bridge on Kungsholmen 2.A vårdträd, Södermalm 3.A view of Kaknästornet from Djurgården. 4. Uppsala clay watercolours: On the Road to Uppsala