Floating Mental Health Support – Trent & Dove

This post was designed to help support Trent and Dove tenants who had lost vital support services through funding cuts across East Staffordshire and some surrounding areas.

The Floating support post was designed around the individual and what they need. Together a ‘Support Plan’ is developed based around the client’s needs, interests and aspirations. Both practical and emotional support can be included in this package including help to sort out financial situation, filling in forms, talking to utility companies, linking-in with other useful services in the community or simply someone to talk to.

Generally the support will be for an hour per week, although this may vary at times depending on an individual’s needs and circumstances.

A Support Plan will be regularly reviewed with a view to enable the client to get to the stage where they are able to manage their accommodation themselves, and have developed useful support networks to continue their independence and recovery from times of difficulty.

Who can use this service?

You must be:-

  • a Trent and Dove tenant
  • currently have mental health needs, requiring some level of support to live independently;
  • willing to accept support;
  • able to maintain your home and have basic living skills;
  • able to take your own prescribed medication;
  • finding it difficult to manage your tenancy

If you wish to refer to us, we will need to meet with you to complete an assessment so that we can see if we are able to provide the support you feel you want.

If you would like more information about The Floating Mental Health Support, please contact Trent and Dove Housing, Independent Living Team on 01283 528528 or Burton & District Mind on 01283 566696.